Network Administrator

Spokane, WA

Provide assistance to the Director of Information Technology in the evaluation, implementation, and support for all office automation equipment, including local & wide area networks, telecommunications systems, software, and hardware.

Position requires extensive knowledge of personal computers and software applications, including Cisco IOS, VMWare, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Server, Microsoft Sequel, Microsoft Active Directory, Excel, Word, and other software and hardware used by the bank.  Familiarity with SQL server, Windows server in active directory environment, VMware and knowledge of security measures is required.

  • Fundamental knowledge of networking concepts
  • Proven network engineering, network operations, and network performance analysis skills
  • Hands-on technical troubleshooting capabilities
  • Ability to work independently under minimal supervision
  • Knowledge of computing infrastructures
  • Familiarity with server management and monitoring tools
  • Exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving ability
  • Proficiency with scripting languages
  • Strong interpersonal skills to assist non-technical individuals with complex technical issues
  • Previous experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016 preferred


Key responsibilities include:

  • Assist in network design and implementation.
  • Provide network support with a variety of operating systems.
  • Install and configure computer network equipment.
  • Maintain network connectivity of all computer workstations.
  • Provide network support to users.
  • Maintain servers and associated hardware, applications, services, and settings.
  • Develop and monitor policies for the use of network resources.
  • Implement and manage disaster recovery and back-up.
  • Evaluate and recommend security improvements and system upgrades.
  • Monitor network to ensure optimal performance.
  • Create and maintain network users/permissions.
  • Test release of products to minimize user impact and ensure compatibility.
  • Create technical support documentation for systems and applications.
  • Configure and monitor network switches/routers/bandwidth
  • Review monthly, weekly and daily reports related to security
  • Monitor and evaluate efficiency of software/hardware usage, providing items to be covered in training of users, making them more efficient.
  • Responsible for phone system, backups, exchange server
  • Assist in daily desktop support issues as needed
  • Review, test, and implement security patches for servers and workstations
  • Assist in gathering bid prices on equipment as needed
  • Assist in disaster recovery planning and quarterly testing
  • Track licensing for compliance
  • Notify maintenance vendor when equipment needs to be repaired and keep records of such
  • Record and mail warranties as needed on equipment
  • Keep up to date on new security threats and resolutions
  • Monitor load balance on servers and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Assist in planning for future needs and streamlining processes
  • Participates in Team meetings, providing input and suggestions, and prepare minutes of discussion items.
  • Available by cell phone/pager for after hours issues
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