Fraud Prevention

Enhanced Debit/Credit Card Fraud Prevention

In an effort to help protect you against increased international debit and credit card fraud, Wheatland Bank has implemented a block on all foreign activity.  It is essential that you make your local branch aware of any international travel plans and/or purchases made through a foreign merchant with your Wheatland Bank debit or credit cards. 


We May Be Calling You

To protect you against debit and credit card fraud, we have enhanced our security system to include a sophisticated network.  Now, when a transaction appears to fall outside of your normal spending pattern, an alert is created.  Examples of transactions monitored for potentially fraudulent patterns are:

  • A sudden string of costly purchases.
  • A sudden change in locale (such as a US-issued card used overseas).
  • Any pattern associated with new fraud trends around the world.

In some cases you may be declined at the merchant if the activity is considered extremely suspicious.

A fraud analyst or automated voice system will contact you at your home or office to verify whether you authorized the transaction which does not appear to fit your historical card spending behavior.   Please note that you will be asked for either your zip code or last four digits of your SS# to verify your identity, but as we have stated previously, we will never ask you for your account/card number.  In order for this system to work correctly, it is critical that we have your current phone number(s) on file.  Please contact your branch if you need to update this information.


Fraudulent Check Scams

Recently we have seen an increase in fraudulent check scams involving our customers and we want to make you aware of these scams so that you can protect yourself.  Please remember that if something seems "too good to be true" - it very likely is.  A couple of examples include:  a notification that you have been the winner of an unsolicited prize or an offer to participate in a research program in exchange for payment.  If you receive any questionable offers, please bring them to the attention of your branch so that we can work to prevent these scams from being successful within our community. 

Protecting Yourself Against the Latest Scams

The security of your personal/business information is of the utmost importance to Wheatland Bank. We have state-of-the art systems in place to secure our servers and networks and additional layers of security to guarantee your personal/business information is secure. In addition, Wheatland Bank wants to ensure you have the necessary information to protect your personal/business information and online account information. 


The following tips will help protect you against fraudulent e-mail and internet related activity from unauthorized third parties.

  • Many fraudulent schemes will attempt to disguise themselves as your bank. Keep in mind that Wheatland Bank will never ask you to submit personal or account information via e-mail.
  • If you receive an e-mail appearing to be from Wheatland Bank, asking for your account numbers, or Social Security Number, DO NOT RESPOND and notify us immediately.
  • Sensitive or personal information, such as account numbers, Social Security Numbers, Personal Identification Numbers, or passwords, should never be sent via e-mail to Wheatland Bank or any other third party.