Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets

A quick, secure way to make purchases with your mobile device.

You can now add your Wheatland Bank debit or credit card with the three most widely used mobile wallet apps. Check out with a wave of your mobile device using Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, or Google Pay®. By linking your Wheatland Bank debit or credit card to one of these digital payment options you can shop in-store, in-app, or online from the convenience of your mobile device. Best of all, the purchases you make using your mobile wallet are completely private. No one, not even the cashier, sees your name, card number or security code. 

Features and Benefits

Quick and Convenient
Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay, are quicker and easier to use that other forms of payment and are accepted just about anywhere you would swipe or tap your Wheatland Bank card.

The actual card number is not stored on your device. When you make a purchase with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, a unique virtual code or "token" is used to transmit your payment so that your card number and identity are not shared with merchants. 

Apple Pay

Make simple and secure purchases in-store, in-app or online using your iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple Watch®
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Samsung Pay

Make purchases from virtually anywhere using your Samsung® phone or tablet.
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Google Pay

Shop in-store or in-app using your Android® phone or tablet.
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If you would like assistance adding cards to your Mobile Wallet or learning how to pay, use these instructions to help guide you along.

Mobile wallet apps may not be supported on all mobile devices. Please verify that your mobile device and its operating system will support one of these three mobile wallet apps. If supported, visit the app store on your mobile device to download the app. After downloading the app, you can enter your Wheatland Bank debit or credit card information and start taking advantage of this convenient and secure way to make purchases.